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This work 'Lost in Paradise XL", is the most recent artwork that I made for the exhibition "Odyssee".

It's a large collage measuring 3.25m by 0.30m that's made by using photo's from my newspaper.

The images reflect the journey of Odyssey in our present time.

This installation by Mrs.Green Lab contains separate canvases that together create an imaginary landscape.

You can play with them and move the panels however you want and reflect on them as well.

The textiles we have used include discarded bridal dresses, and are processed with various rust techniques.

Together with Carine Beelen I started Mrs.Green Lab in 2022.

We wanted to take a new step in working with textiles, design based on sustainability.

Textiles were processed with natural dyes and rust techniques and were transformed into for example wall hangings. 

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